Writing Update: EKs 4, Beta Readers & Book Covers

Monday, 14 April 2014
I've been M.I.A (yes, it's been pointed out before that the letters spell my name) for the last few weeks as I've been busy with a few projects but I'm back now, and I have a few things to share! 

Firstly, I've been missing because I'd locked myself away in my writing cave for two weeks to work on Elemental Killers 4. I was determined to finish so I could move on to two exciting new projects; one book related and the other a new novel and on Friday I did. Standing at 73,000 words in the first draft, I had a really good day where everything was flowing and by the end of it I had finished the book and written 17,000. I wasn't expecting to finish it on the Friday and I'd scheduled the remaining chapters to take me up until Sunday but it was nice to get it done--even if it was exhausting.

It won't be released until the end of this year at the earliest but I can't wait to share Kai and Serena's final journey with you. It broke my heart to write and there were tears, I just hope you all enjoy it when you get the chance to read it--although Elemental Killers 3 will have to be released first...

Secondly, I'm in the process of re-writing my new stand-alone which I can't wait for you all to read. I will be looking for beta readers soon so keep watching my social networking sites and the blog for details as there will be limited copies.

Thirdly, Deadly to Love and Summer Demons have been getting some great reviews and ratings so a huge thank you to all those who have read my work and liked it enough to leave a review--you don't know how much they mean to me or how much they brighten my day!

Finally--and this is the news I'm most excited about right now--I'm going to be designing book covers. I've already started and my website is halfway there; I'm just trying to make enough covers to start it up. There will, of course, be more information when everything is nearer to completion but it has been a nice change of pace from writing. I've always loved graphic design and it's been in the back of my mind for a while but Elemental Killers got in the way. However, to celebrate my freedom from the series (for at least a month before edits start) the visual element has been a great way to relax.

Happy reading everyone! 

Authors Helping Authors - Sign Up

Saturday, 29 March 2014
Hi everyone!

I'm looking to start up a small, close-knit group of authors who are willing to help each other and work together with promotion and advice to get our books out there.

The aim is to act a bit like a publisher in terms of promotion, whereby as a collective, we can create groups that promote all of our work, benefit from each other's titles and fan bases, share certain things etc (think of indie groups like Indie Inked). I want the group to be invite only after the original members have been selected so that it remains a tight group of people who are active rather than people only along for free promotion.

I'm open to suggestions on what can be done in the group but my main goal is that I want a group of authors who can rely on one another.

**The only condition I'm putting on sign ups is that at least one book you have written must be YA/NA and have either a romantic or paranormal aspect. 

You also have to be serious about wanting to promote others. If you're looking only for your book to be promoted, this isn't the group for you.** 

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Guest Post by Sabrina Benulis (Covenant Tour Stop)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Covenant (The Books of Raziel, #2)Covenant (The Books of Raziel 2)
Sabrina Benulis

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Date of Publication: 4/1/2014
ISBN: 9780062069412
Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 98,000

Book Description:

The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues-a mesmerizing work of the paranormal in which a young woman discovers that she is caught in a labyrinth of intrigue where angels, demons, and all the creatures between Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to possess her.

A year ago, Angela Mathers, a talented artist with a tortured soul, enrolled at the Westwood Academy and encountered the angels who haunted her dreams. Then she discovered the dark truth … she is the Archon, a being of supreme power who will determine the fate of the universe. But with such power comes great danger, and for every force seeking to aid Angela there is another burning to stop her. After a scheming demon kidnaps the Book of Raziel, Angela must find her way through a nightmarish game and enter the Door to Hell to rescue her only friend before it is too late.

The perilous fate of both Heaven and Hell rests on her success.

Guest Post ~ Ten Things You'd Never Guess About Me

We authors are a strange bunch. Or, at least, people think we're strange.
            In my own eyes, I'm far too normal. Sure I have grand dreams about dying my hair blue--but I'm also too lazy to do the necessary touchups a few weeks later. I'd love to dress like a goth-punk girl from my local Hot Topic--yet here I am, at least fifteen years too late to get away with it without raising a few eyebrows. And so on.
            There's a mythos surrounding fiction writers, especially those of us who write speculative fiction like fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. What we write can be so quirky, imaginative, and strange. Surely, they world assumes, we have grand tricks up our sleeves and have the most odd and fascinating lives. How else could we be so inspired?
            I'm not here to burst that mythical bubble. But today, I'll show you that it's what you'd never guess about an author like me that might have you sitting there perplexed.
1.      I can write anywhere, anytime. Because I have to. I can’t count how many times I've had a deadline of some kind looming over me and I have to go on a family vacation. That one really stinks. It's also a fallacy that authors need some kind of special office filled with special printers, a laptop plus a tablet, twenty different writing apps, and the best interior design this side of Sunday. Here are the three things you need to write a book in the modern world: an idea, a computer of some kind with a writing application, and your fingers. I've had to write everywhere from hotel rooms to the couch. I don't have much time to afford being picky.
2.      But I write better in a bathrobe. Okay, this one I'll admit to. I just write better in a giant fluffy ole' robe. I don't know if it's the coziness or the feeling that I'm six seconds from being able to just get in bed, but something about typing with a purple terry robe with penguins on it tends to get my creative juices flowing a lot faster.
3.      The only monsters that truly terrify me are zombies. No matter how much blood I have to write into a book, it can't compare to a single episode of The Walking Dead.
4.      I one hundred percent believe in angels and demons. I'm often asked what my religious beliefs are considering angels and demons are the central stars of my Books of Raziel series. I'm Roman Catholic. You can take it from there.
5.      My pet bird keeps me from procrastinating. If there's one thing all of us writers have in common, it's that we really know how to waste time instead of actually writing if given the chance. My cockatiel, of all people and things, is quick to keep me on the straight and narrow. Heaven forbid I don’t sit down next to her and write at the scheduled time each day. Birds are blessed with a love of strict routine we humans can't quite comprehend.
6.      The first book I ever read front to back was Where Does Gobo Go? Anyone remember the 1980s television show Fraggle Rock? Anyone? This was a book for kids based on the show. I can't for the life of me remember the plot, but I suspect it had to do with either following Gobo on his travels or finding him, or something.
7.      But my favorite book was I Am A Bunny, by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry. According to Amazon.com only ten people in the world dislike it.
8.      If I could be any character in my own novels I would be Troy. Troy's a Jinn. She's fearsome, and has teeth, and sharp nails, and let's not forget she can fly, and she is both pretty and terrifying at the same time. Did I mention she's badass?
9.      I've been told I'm too happy to be a writer. This is an odd one, but you wouldn't believe how many people think that to be a writer you have to be dark, deep, and either half-drunk or hooked on some kind of prescription medication. I'm not sure what that says about our culture's' perception of a novelist's career track, but I'm willing to take the chance and keep going for years. If you're curious, my depression buster of choice is naps and ice cream.
10.  I find it difficult to read my own books after they're published. Not because I think they stink, but because there're a strange sense of self-awareness going on when I pick up the final product and flip through the pages. It is really the strangest feeling. "I wrote this?" I'm constantly asking myself. Now this doesn't apply to manuscript form. I can read my own writing in raw form until my eyes bleed. And it's not just because I have to!

Special thanks to Mia Hoddell for hosting me on her blog and to readers everywhere for their interest! Happy reading!


Please Vote ~ Summer Demons

Saturday, 22 March 2014
Hi everyone!

Summer Demons has been added to a few lists on Goodreads. If you have a free minute, please vote below to help me get it up there. If you're an author and vote, I'm happy to return the favour if you leave a link in the comments. Lists

Paperback Update - All Books

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
I couldn't wait any longer, I have approved all paperback copies of my books and they are now up on Amazon.

A few changes have been made to the Elemental Killers series. Previously they were published with Lulu but having wanted a matte cover and the 5x8 trim size I finally made the switch to Createspace because they have made some improvements for international authors publishing work. 

Because of this, the books have a new ISBN, trim size, cover finish and they are the most up to date version of the book (another good thing about Createspace, I don't have to buy a copy every time I make a change so I can keep the versions current to the ebook).

The best part about it though, is that it is now cheaper for you guys! I also checked this morning and Amazon have discounted it by $1 from the price I set. I don't know how long the price will be like that, but you can buy them here: 

Deadly to Love (Elemental Killers 1)
New ISBN: 978-1496053794

Deadly to Promise (Elemental Killers 2)
New ISBN: 978-1496111173

I have put a note in the blurbs of the old paperbacks as they have yet to be removed, just make sure to check carefully.

Summer Demons can be purchased here:

Happy reading!